Simplifying on-spot agri logistics.

We help agribusinesses transport food and agricultural products timely, safely & reliably while empowering them with immense market intelligence for better decision making.

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Agri-Freight Platform

We are revolutionizing the way agricultural products are transported and managed, using cutting-edge technology and data-driven solutions. Our platform is designed to bring efficiency, transparency, and cost optimization to the agricultural supply chain.

With our advanced technology, we provide transparent pricing that ensures fairness and eliminates hidden costs. Agri shippers can easily access and compare rates, allowing them to make informed decisions based on their specific needs. No more guesswork or surprises when it comes to transportation costs.

Solving the fundamental problems of Agri-Logistics.

Agrigator is the India’s leading agri-digital freight network. We haul lakhs of grain loads around the country through our connected network of multimode carriers, saving money & time for agri-shippers.

Millers & Traders

Solving freight volatility and supply crunches by automating the matching, pricing and scheduling of carriers.

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Truck Owners

Find, book, and move more agri-freight from top shippers in nearby locality with upfront pricing and instant payments.

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Instant logistics booking with Freight Indicator

Welcome to our revolutionary platform for instant freight booking with a comprehensive freight index!

Are you tired of the lengthy and manual process of finding suitable freight options for your shipping needs? Look no further! Our platform is designed to simplify and accelerate the freight booking process with the help of our extensive freight index.

With our state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly interface, we empower shippers and freight carriers to seamlessly connect and optimize their logistics operations. Whether you are a shipper searching for the best freight rates or a carrier looking to maximize your truck capacity, our platform is the ultimate solution.


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