Simplifying Logistics & Market Intelligence for Agri Traders, Millers & Exporters.

We help agribusinesses transport food and agricultural products timely, safely & reliably while empowering them with immense market intelligence for better decision making.

Arranging Logistics in less than 28 mins with efficient algorithms.

Truck requirement in agriculture is heavily time-bounded and we understand this.

We use technology to make agriculture freight more efficient, reducing costs & turn around time for agri buyers and sellers.

We move food and agricultural products timely by providing on-spot logistics solution to traders, millers, processors and exporters. Logistics is always been a barrier in efficient market linkage and we are removing this by connecting agri shippers and carriers through a digital platform. 

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What makes agrigator unique?

One-Stop Portal which provides End-to-End supply chain visibility and access to real-time data, allowing agri businesses to establish control over their inventory, order, finance and delivery processes.
Unlock improvements across your entire business. From better customer service to increased efficiency and agility – we help you deliver real results.

Looking for more clarity around logistics prices ?

We’ve developing some of the most sophisticated machine learning technology in the agriculture sector to give businesses greater insights, greater predictability and greater confidence.

Agri Freight Index

The Agri Freight Index (AFI) is a prediction tool, which predicts and make comprehensive analysis of freight trends for food and agriculture products. This helps in forecast of freight based on commodity, route, diesel prices, real-time supply & demand volatility and other thousands of data points.

Redefining market linkage with accurate market intelligence.

A recurring problem for agribusinesses is the difficulty in penetrating unfamiliar markets where they do not have a reliable partner that they can trust. This information asymmetry limits traders & millers to trade freely, which potentially harm their scale & growth.

We provide the most extensive data for the food & agriculture business – from price, trade, production, freight, weather, and seasonality.

Our customised dashboard help businesses plan their inventory, schedule dispatch, and manage cashflow.

We provide a market linkage directory where buyers & sellers can browse business opportunity and start direct communication with them to negotiate deals.

Stay informed on significant agri supply chain news & insights.

Extensive System generated data & network of human experts.

Agrigator aims to bridge information gap for agri-business by giving them access to larger network. By combining power of data & network, giving fair opportunity to grain buyers, sellers & carriers to work together on a single platform.